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How Teen Challenge for Men is Different

With nearly 60 years of history and a global presence of over 200 centers in the U.S. and 1,000 more worldwide, Teen Challenge provides specialized rehab services exclusively for men. Our affiliation with Teen Challenge means you’ll find a unique approach tailored to men’s needs. Join us on a transformative journey to regain control of your life at South Carolina Men’s Rehab.

Teen Challenge for Men

South Carolina Men’s Rehab is an affordable Christian rehab for men aged 18 and older. Our year-long residential program includes peer support, group therapy, individual counseling, parenting classes, spiritual guidance, strategies to prevent relapse, anger management, education about drugs and alcohol, recreation opportunities, and help with vocational rehabilitation.

Our Teen Challenge for Men creates a secure, clean, and supportive environment for addiction recovery. Our caring and trained staff, many of whom have experienced addiction, treat each individual with respect and understanding. Those seeking help must be prepared to follow our proven plan for recovery and life skills training to ensure a comprehensive and long-term life transformation.

At South Carolina Men’s Rehab, we prioritize real change because we understand that without it, men dealing with addiction may easily fall back into old habits. While anyone can undergo detox and temporarily stop using alcohol or drugs, especially with close monitoring, our ultimate goal is to provide long-term recovery and equip men with the tools to avoid addictive substances for life, even when facing tough challenges.

Addiction often begins as a way to cope with inner struggles like the need for love, success, forgiveness, belonging, acceptance, a sense of spiritual fulfillment, or a purpose in life. These substances offer temporary relief from emotional pain but can quickly lead to dependency, making it very tough for men to quit independently. Withdrawal symptoms can be painful and even life-threatening.

Once addiction takes hold, these substances can take over a man’s life, both mentally and physically, making it very hard to quit. The cost of maintaining an addiction can lead to theft or involvement in the drug trade, which often results in legal trouble. Typically, individuals need larger and more frequent doses of the substance to achieve the same effect, increasing the risk of overdose or severe physical harm.

Without a new mindset and life focus to fill the void, the addict will return to their addiction again and again, ravaging their relationships, trustworthiness, career, finances, and physical and mental health. The addiction will utterly destroy them.

A Path to Lasting Recovery

At South Carolina Men’s Rehab, we believe in the power of a comprehensive, unhurried approach to addiction recovery. Unlike short-term rehabs that promise quick fixes and often fail to address the underlying issues, we understand that true recovery takes time. It’s a journey that unfolds layer by layer, and we’re here to guide you through it.

Teen Challenge for Men
Many short-term rehabs opt for quick solutions driven by the desire to appease addicts, employers, and families. Insurance programs typically limit coverage to the first 90 days, encouraging a revolving door of treatment that can leave individuals and their loved ones in a perpetual cycle of disappointment and financial strain.

In contrast, South Carolina Men’s Rehab operates as a nonprofit with affordable fees. We’re dedicated to achieving permanent recovery, regardless of the timeframe. Our support comes from the local community through donations, allowing us to provide the time and resources needed for a complete life transformation. Join us on this profound and lasting change journey, where recovery is prioritized over quick fixes, and your well-being is the ultimate goal.

Life Transformation at South Carolina Men’s Rehab

Teen Challenge for Men knows that genuine addiction treatment takes time, often up to a full year. It begins with detox, a vital step in breaking the grip of substances, lasting weeks or months, depending on the substance, in a closely monitored environment. Withdrawal can be challenging, but it’s just the start. Real change requires an ongoing process that spans months, challenging negative behaviors and motivations. Time, expert guidance, and spiritual renewal are our allies. Gradually, men in our program learn to think and act differently, building lasting, healthy habits.

Our Teen Challenge for Men in South Carolina rebuilds individuals from the inside out. Men learn to acknowledge mistakes, find solutions, and break free from repeating them. Our staff and peers, with more extended program experience, provide essential guidance, fostering genuine transformation. Join us on this profound journey of renewal and rediscovery, where lasting change becomes possible and deeply rewarding.

Rediscovering Hope Through Faith

For those battling addiction and grappling with repeated failures, self-doubt and guilt can be constant companions. Recognizing that change can’t be achieved in isolation, we emphasize the importance of relying on a “higher power” right from the start.

Teen Challenge for Men

We firmly believe in the transformative power of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ in the lives of those facing addiction. None of us can mend our hearts; instead, we entrust the burden of change to our Creator. Through Christ and the Holy Spirit, individuals find unwavering companionship that brings peace, fulfillment, purpose, kindness, truthfulness, and a renewed commitment to leading a clean and virtuous life. They understand that forgiveness is possible, and this realization fuels their desire to seek forgiveness from others, forging a path of redemption and healing.

Bringing Truth Back to Addiction Recovery

Among addicts, a common issue is their talent for not telling the truth to others and themselves, often avoiding taking responsibility for their actions. When we introduce Christ into their lives, we also reintroduce the importance of honesty, which may have been forgotten. Many of our staff have faced addiction themselves, so they can spot when residents aren’t being truthful and address it with a mix of tough love, understanding, and care. Over time, those in recovery realize that living a meaningful life means letting go of their habit of not telling the truth and embracing honesty, guided by Christ. This transformation unfolds as they peel away layers of deceit to approach life with authenticity and integrity.

Building a Better Future Through Change

Teen Challenge for MenAfter months of dedicated effort, residents at South Carolina Teen Challenge Christian rehab attain sobriety, strengthen their spiritual connection, and combat deception. To ensure lasting transformation, they chart a new path forward, focusing on positive elements like service, compassion, career prospects, and a strong work ethic. As progress is made, uncertainty about the future and life’s purpose lingers, prompting months of hard work to build confidence and poise and establish a healthy career path. Transitioning from a secure facility, they engage in community service, learning humility and finding fulfillment in daily contributions. Beginning in groups, they provide mutual support and accountability. Over time, the focus shifts to identifying fulfilling careers, with South Carolina Men’s Rehab offering support to launch their vocational journey after graduation, especially if they lacked one before.

Why South Carolina Men’s Rehab Keeps Costs Low

At Teen Challenge adult rehab programs, we receive strong support from our community, which helps us provide affordable services. Our nearly 60 years of success transforming people who once struggled with addiction into productive, caring individuals has garnered the community’s gratitude.

A study conducted by The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) found impressive results among Teen Challenge for Men graduates:

  • 92% reported good to excellent health a year later.
  • 86% were drug-free a year later.
  • 72% continued their education after completing the program.
  • 75% were employed a year later, with 73% fully supporting themselves.

These outcomes stand out compared to most other short-term Christian rehabs, which typically have lower success rates. Our community-supported, cost-effective approach changes lives and helps individuals regain independence and make positive contributions to society.

Teen Challenge for Men

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    Legal Trouble?

    We accept individuals who have been in trouble with the law or are in jail. Courts have allowed addicts time here instead of jail because they know how effective our program can be to change hearts and lives completely.

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    Personal Growth

    We help the addict sprout new leaves and grow a new life, free of addiction and the pain that led them to their addiction. We are all about planting the seeds of new life and helping the individual grow into a new creature in Christ.

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    Vocationally Focused

    We teach humility, care, trustworthiness, and the traits of a good worker. We help the former addict find a new vocation and rebuild their future. Having a strong plan keeps the individual excited about life and self-supporting.


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