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What’s NEW in 2022 at South Carolina Men’s Rehab Center

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Jeff and Liz McDowell

Jeff and Liz McDowell
(Executive Directors)

Students Share their Stories of Changed Lives through South Carolina Men’s Campus




“I walked through the doors of Teen Challenge in March, with no desire to change. I just wanted to do my time and get out. God had other plans.”




“God has completely changed my life, giving me hope I never had, and teaching me to depend on him more and more. I now have real hope thanks to Jesus and Teen Challenge!”




“I became reckless, dealing drugs to support my growing drug habit, not caring if I lived or died. Today, I can confidently say that I have a relationship with Jesus Christ and a new direction in life”




South Carolina Men’s Microenterprise Expands!

In March 2020, we were able to build a new woodshop! In this new woodshop, handmade products are made by men seeking freedom from addiction. The best part — all proceeds help fund men in recovery at South Carolina Men’s Rehab Center. Shop today! 

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